Bible Studies


Adult Bible Study

This Adult group study Bible Studies for Life: Adults is intentionally designed to Slide12help adult become and make disciples through In-depth Bible study that addresses real-life issues. This study will engage conversation that helps build biblical community as a group of adults. This group will also participate in a “Live It Out” application that challenges participants to engage culture biblically. We would invite you to come and join our adults each Sunday morning at 9:30am.


Adult Bible Study groups – invite you to join them this coming Sunday morning atSlide13 9:30am at the First Baptist Church. These adult groups are exploring a study entitled, “Disciples Path – The Journey.” These study groups take an intentional 4-part approach to understanding what being a growing Christian is all about. This FREE Bible study is available and for all adult ages. No matter if you have been involved in a study group or not, you are welcomed to join these two adult groups.

If you have ever had questions about what being a Christian means or wanted to explore Slide14the depths of Christianity – we invite you to join us. If you have any further questions, please contact Pastor James Streicher at 660.259.3915.





Youth Group

Gospel Project

Our students will begin the Gospel Project series a Christ-centered, chronological study gospel-project-fall-2017.jpgthat will take our students on a journey through the storyline of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way, students will discover the big picture of what God has been doing throughout redemptive history, and what it means for them.


  • 3 year journey through the Bible examining Scripture chronologically through a Christ-centered lens.
  • Highlight of 99 Essential Doctrines every student should know.
  • Shows students how Christ connects with all of Scripture.
  • Challenges students to see how God’s story connects with their own story.
  • Helps students see how the gospel transforms the way they think, feel, and live from day to day.

This life-changing Bible study series will challenge, inspire and focus our students to live on Mission. All students grades 7-12 are invited to be a part of this study.


FBC Weekly Schedule of Bible study groups


9:30am – Sunday School Groups – All age groups


10:00am – Adult Bible study group (Leader: Pastor Paul Temple)


6:15pm – Women’s Adult Bible study group (Leader: Penny Rich) – September through May

6:15pm – Adult Bible study group (Leader: Pastor Paul Temple)

6:15pm – Children Bible study groups (Children In Action, Girls In Action, Royal Ambassadors, Kids for Christ) – September through May


8:00pm – Women’s Bible study group (Leader: Amy Streicher)

To learn about joining a Bible study group, please contact Pastor James Streicher at 660.259.3195 or email You can also submit a request below:


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